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Our Focus

Dyslexia OHIO focuses on the client’s strengths and unique learning style by way of an approach using holistic, visual, spatial, and creative techniques developed by the founder of the Reading Research Council, and author of The Gift of Learning ©2003, Ronald D. Davis.

Our Approach

Davis has developed a technique to correct both visual and auditory perception issues in a client as well as techniques to improve the student’s attention and focus. By bringing together corrected perception along with attention and focus, his methods help clients’ reading and writing skills improve by primarily resolving confusions about letters, words, numbers, punctuation marks and math symbols.

With or without a formal diagnosis of a learning disability, 20% of children as well as adults fail to respond to the streamlined “one-size-fits-all” learning approaches typically presented in school or remedial settings. When outside intervention is necessary, contact Dyslexia OHIO to provide you with an integrated multisensory approach known to help.

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Who We Are?

Lorraine Charbonneau

Lorraine is the founder and facilitator at Dyslexia Ohio. She has helped a wide range of people from young children, to adults gain proficiency in areas once labeled deficiencies.

Client Testimonials

Thank you for everything! I loved working with you and the classes were fun. Thank you for spending your time with me.

—Holly, age 11

Scott has made the honor roll since he has worked with you. He is doing better in everything. You should really feel proud inside for all that you did for Scott.

—Mother of a 14 Year-Old Client