Effects of Dyslexia

How does disorientation affect reading, spelling, comprehension?

  • Words on a page may be perceived as strung together, with no spaces, making it nearly impossible to decipher words within it.
  • Words may appear to be “hovering” or even sliding off of the page.
  • It can cause words to appear or disappear (addition or omission of words in the text).
  • It can cause transpositions of words, like: was/saw, on/no, from/form; as well as transpositions with individual letters within words, like: b/d/p/q, f/t, u/n.
The severity of the symptoms varies with each individual and the symptoms of disorientation vary from day-to-day and minute-to-minute, depending upon the situation.

Bottom-line: Disorientation prevents the information from being perceived accurately.

Dyslexia Affects picture

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