Lorraine Charbonneau

Lorraine is the Owner/ Founder of Dyslexia Ohio and has always had an interest in helping people to learn. While working for a Psychologist and facilitating a 16-week parenting class, Lorraine was asked to read a book called the Gift of Learning ©2003 by Ronald D. Davis by a class attendee who thought that Davis’ book held the key to unlock her son’s performance and behavioral difficulties at school.

Lorraine was so impressed by Davis’ profound insights, that after completion of the book, she began an 18-month training program with the Davis Organization. She found it a perfect complement to her background in communications as a graduate of Miami University and as a Training and Development Practitioner.

“Whether you’re involved in corporate training, small group training or one-on-one training, if your audience can’t focus or has difficulty processing the elements of language, your overall message is lost and you’re ineffective,” says Charbonneau. “The Davis® methods have enabled me to understand how language is processed by non-verbal thinkers. Being able to provide clients with the life-changing skills and tools they need to be successful with language has been a tremendous gift!”

Since certification in the Davis methods, Lorraine has helped children, teenagers, college students and adults in the workforce gain proficiency in areas once labeled as deficiencies, while reinforcing their innate gifts and talents.

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Dyslexia OHIO is centrally located just 5 miles from highways I-71, I-75, and I-275 in Mason, OH. Our office is right off Mason-Montgomery Road and Cedar Village Drive, and is 3 miles from shopping centers, restaurants and hotels for our out-of-town clients.